Our Strategies

Call To Action

Coupons, offers, and money saving opportunities are the most effective ways to advertise your business or services. Give your customers a reason and a means to share your business with their social network tied to a strong call to action ($10-off) and watch your social presence grow.

New Services / Solutions

Do you have a new product or service? Bring in new customers to your social network or website  by targeting them on social media and placing an eye popping video in front of them. Have a great social network? These people follow your business already share the exciting news in a more effective way.


Companies spend thousands to millions of dollars in recruitment of employees and even more in retention. Recruit potential employees by showing them what its like to work at your company. Build pride and rapport with exceptional employees by featuring their story and why they work at your company

Real Reviews

Have happy customers? Invite them to be part of the action! There are too many fake reviews out there online both good and bad. Help potential customers make a buying decision by showcasing a happy customer that will provide a “Real Review.”


New business? New to social media? Showcase your new or existing business with a commercial that speaks to your potential customers and shares your passion for your business.

What Our Customers Say..

Hector is great at what he does. We just got our first of three videos and are blown away. With little knowledge of our business, he was able to create something we with ALL the experience could never do. Thank you sir! He has a good sense of humor too, that always makes things Fun.

-Johnny Valente |  Johnny’s Backyard

Metrix In Motion is the Best- Fast and Reliable. Hector and his staff are easy to work with and always go above and beyond to make sure I was satisfied. I Highly recommend to my friends and family.

-Mario Ruiz |  My Collision Center


About Us

Metrix Video+ is part of Metrix In Motion® a Digital Marketing Agency in San Antonio, TX and The Rio Grande Valley. We service small to medium size businesses and deliver thousands of actionable clicks to our clientele. Open since 2013 Metrix In Motion® has perfected an SEO strategy utilized by numerous businesses in San Antonio many of them both notable and recognizable leaders in their industry.

In less than a year using our Metrix Video+ channel we have delivered over 100 videos with click through rates unheard of and results that count. At Metrix In Motion we have been on the front lines of digital advertising since 2010 during which Facebook went public, Google turned into Alphabet and Traditional media has died. We understand what works, what doesn’t, and what’s coming next; setup an online conference and let’s chat about your business, your competition, and how we can become your M.V.P. now and into the future

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